Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Hero

Each spring we go through a period of time when the local foxes are hunting for their kits.  During that time our chickens are in great peril and free ranging has to stop for a couple of weeks.  This year that time came a bit early.

The other evening Hubbs saw a fox chasing one of our free ranging turkens (Transylvanian Naked Neck Chickens).  He quickly sent one of the dogs out to chase the fox.  Luckily the turken got away.  Unbeknownst to us though, that sly fox circled back and chased the chickens again.  This time both turkens were gone.  Gone!

Yesterday afternoon Becky called and said that a fellow stopped by her place asking if we had any of "those naked turkeys".  Apparently, he had seen something like that down by our pond.  So, when Hubbs got home from work we headed down to the pond for a look.  Low and behold there was one of our lost turkens, Ivanka, wandering up the road.

Now, the task was to catch Ivanka and safely return her to the henhouse.  She looked bedraggled and bloodstained...after two days of being lost in the woods.

Hubbs stalked her through the woods and through poison ivy, dove, grabbing for her.....missed....several times over.  The last time, he managed to catch her and the two of them tumbled down a hill.  Thank goodness she was finally safe.  Hubbs pulled himself from the mud... victorious....Ivanka's and my hero!!!
Wet and muddy....but quite pleased with himself.
A grateful Ivanka gives Hubbs a chicken hug.
A few days sequestered in her own henhouse will
help her heal and recover.
Then Ivanka will move into the big henhouse
with the rest of the flock.
She is one lucky chicken!


  1. I'm sorry you lost one of your turkens, but I'm glad you were able to rescue Ivanka. Your hubbs is a great guy for going after her like that. :-)

  2. Wow! I am glad that the man talked to Becky and that Ivanka is safe and sound. I am sorry that you, your hubs, and the chickens have to experience problems with foxes. We have coyotes out hunting every night. We see them running down the street all the time. I feel sorry for those individuals who work so long and hard to raise animals only to lose them in one split second to a fox, coyote, or some other wild animal.

  3. My hero!!! Over the river and thru the woods after a chicken..too funny.would love to have seen that..never would have been able to keep up!! Lucky Ivanka..

  4. Glad that you at least got one back. Cheers to your hubs for being a great guy.

  5. I came to this post today --5 years later--from the "You might also like this" links. If I remember correctly, Ivanka died just recently of old age. A lucky hen indeed.

    In today's post you once again reported no bear pictures on your wild life cameras. I was disappointed then, but maybe that's for the best. What a bear could do to the pigs or the soon to arrive lambs!


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