Friday, April 9, 2010

Keep Us In Your Thoughts.....

Hubbs and I will be away from the farm for the next week.
We are part of a team of physicians and nurses who will travel to Haiti
to help treat the chronic medical problems resulting from the earthquake....

(pictures courtesy of J. Spence Reid, MD)

January 12th 2010
4:53 PM
A magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit Haiti.
52 aftershocks rocked the country for the next 16 days.

The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere was absolutely devastated.
(Before the quake, Haiti was the 4th hungriest country in the world)
After the quake......hunger is just one of many problems these
gentle people face.

Immediately following the quake, the world responded
with humanitarian aid.
The first wave of medical responders dealt with the multitude of trauma cases.
Sadly, many of those patients died.  

Those that lived are still dealing with chronic medical problems....
open wounds, chronic infections, mal-union of fractures, amputations,
head injuries, and so much more. 

This trip is the first of many made possible
by a partnering of two humanitarian medical mission groups:
Cure International

Hubbs and I will be working in a hospital in Carrafour,
a suburb of Port-au-Prince, a densely populated area
that was hard hit by the quake.

Please send your thoughts and prayers with us as we
offer our time and skills to those who so desperately need both.

And join us again here at Bee Haven Acres
when we return April 17th with more
Tales From the Farm!


  1. Safe travels Bev, you'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thank you for doing this. The world is a better place becuase of people like you.

    My best thoughts and sincerest prayers for a safe journey.


  3. Bless you both for helping, that is wonderful!

    Take good care and sending healing and safe blessings for you both, your lil animals, and farm!


  4. Bev., you will, your husband, and the other physicians and nurses will be in my thoughts and prayers for a safe journey. The people in Haiti are fortunate that there are caring people such as you, your husband, and the other medical teams that time out to help.

  5. You and your husband will be in my prayers. I think it is so wonderful that you will be working with those poor, poor people.

  6. Thank you for doing such Good Works!

    My thoughts go with you both!

  7. I will definitely be thinking about you...stay safe and do good...

  8. What a blessing you both will be to the Haitian's. Praying all goes well.

  9. What a very lovely thing to do. We will keep you guys in our prayers. Take care and stay safe.

  10. My heart goes out to you and those you have gone to help. Bless you.

  11. I know this may sound weird, but you are so lucky. I live two islands away and have been trying to find a way to get there to help all to no avail. I wish you well!


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