Friday, April 2, 2010

A Boy, A Ball, A Whole Lot of Fun

What is it about little boys and balls?  It must be genetic...even amongst the animal kingdom!  I found an exercise ball and blew it up for the "Littles".  Each morning, when they go out to the dry lot or the pasture, they run and play with each other for the longest time. 

 I thought a ball might be something they would enjoy....  
I was right, at least as far as Ollie is concerned.
Ollie is my tiny white orphaned miniature horse.  He will be one year old this June.  Red is his older half brother.  Red will be one year old this month.  These two are inseparable.  They do absolutely everything together.   Everything....absolutely.....together!

Ollie spent the longest time yesterday morning chasing his new ball...

 pushing it around with his nose, 

biting it,

 and humping it.

Red was glad that for just a few minutes, it wasn't him!
Sometimes I think Ollie has a little more testosterone than he needs...
and certainly more than Red needs!!  
What you don't see with this picture is that this behavior continues with
both of the boys running around the dry lot....piggy back style!
Silly boys!
These two are a constant source of entertainment.  And let me tell you, when they get to tearing around....they are FAST!!  My feisty little stallions... they come to me when I call them and nuzzle me.  Oh how I love my little boys!


  1. Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning, that was really funny. I especially liked the part about Red being glad it wasn't him for a few minutes...

  2. Thanks for making my adorable...Happy Easter!


  3. So adorable, sure hope your new grand baby doesn't get his nose out of joint when he sees all the toys they get! Dash and Grayson have some toys that are similar and I can already see some interaction going on. lol This is mine and that is yours.....:)
    I see what joy those 'littles' bring to you! Enjoy! What treasures!

  4. What else to say but boys will be boys!

  5. Ha!

    That's adorable. :)

    My husband and I dream of having a mini-farm with pygmy goats, shetland ponies, and zebu cattle. Considering neither of us are over 5'6 (I'm only 4'11) it seems appropriate!

    Be well, and enjoy the beautiful weather!!

  6. Such cute boys. Thats boys for you. Just keep the remote control out of the pasture. LOL
    Happy Easter.


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