Monday, March 1, 2010

The Rooster Saga Continues (And Happy Birthday Hubbs!!!)

I won't bore you by telling this whole tale from the beginning.  But I will summarize for those of you who are new to my blog.  This past summer I ordered 25 fancy chicks.  I also ordered a very colorful rooster chick (enter Hank).
 As the chicks matured, it became apparent that one of the white Polish crested hens was actually a rooster (enter Rod Stewart...aptly named for the resemblance).....

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I think, quite possibly that the real Rod looks more like a chicken than my Rod!

Well, as the two roosters matured, we had to separate them.  Hank was beating up Rod.  Hank is a bully.  Rod is a bit of a wimp.  So, Rod lived in the hayloft of the barn and had free run around the barn... a perfect life except for the lack of female companionship.  Hank remained with the hens; becoming quite possessive of them.

Life seemed calm with this arrangement until just recently.  You might remember that Hank attacked Hubbs last week.  Well, I found out later that Hank had attacked Anna, while she was caring for the farm during our vacation last month.  Then to top it all off, Hank attacked me last week.

Then, this weekend, TomTom the barn kitty started tormenting poor Rod...chasing him all over the hay loft.  It was evident that something had to be done about both of these situations.

We only had one choice.  Hank (being the bully that he is and able to handle TomTom's playfulness) was removed from the henhouse and moved into the barn.  Rod was placed back into the henhouse.  Notice how perky he looks here!

 Now Hank lives in the hayloft and will have the run of the farm in a few days, once he has established a roosting place somewhere in the barn (that way he will return to the barn each night to sleep.)  Hank will have no trouble putting TomTom in his place, should he get a bit too playful.
Hank spent the better part of today checking out the barn and investigating.  He seems happy with his new home.  Rod was in heaven....and spent the day fraternizing with the hens....quite happily!!
Notice that although Hank is quite a handsome rooster, he is looking a little ragged these days.  He is molting right now and has lost a good deal of the feathers around his tail.  Thankfully, he will grow them back in the coming months.

Let's hope this most recent rooster re-arrangement is the last of its kind!


  1. Oh I am so happy that Rod is going to be roosting back with the girls. Imagine poor fellow being beaten up by a puddy tat.

    Hank sounds like a real mean boy!

  2. glad you got that settled...beautiful roosters!

    Tell your hubby HB Bev! Hope he has a nice one!


  3. I just love your morning posts. I just thought I had problems with my roosters (Jeffie and Junior), it seems you and I have a lot in common. I also have 3 goats, 2 horses, 1 donkey, 18 hens, 1 bee hive (another one being added this spring along with 17 more baby chicks). We ordered some crested polish after seeing your post. I am hoping for a hen so that I can name it Lady GAGA lol! Wish your husband a very Happy Birthday. My birthday is also today! Have a great day.


  4. For just a mintue, I thought you were going to say you had Hank stew for dinner last night. :)

  5. Poor Tom Tom..hope he survives the rogue rooster..He'll have to sleep with one eye open..Happy Birthday Hubbs


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