Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A New Friend for Bee Haven Acres

There are some subjects about which I am passionate.
Dogs are one of those subjects.
I am sure if you have been following my blog,
you are aware of how much I love my dogs Maddie and Sadie.

Hubbs and I have been considering adding one more canine friend to our family.
After much deliberation we decided that the best choice would be a rescue dog.

As luck would have it, the good people at our local feed store 
put me in touch with a lovely couple who foster rescue dogs.
They have been supplying me with lists of dogs in need.

None of them seemed to be a great match.


This weekend they sent me a "kill" list from a shelter down south.
On that list was this fellow.

His last day of life was to be this past Sunday....
he was scheduled for execution on Monday.

My heart broke.

He needs a chance, a home, someone to love him.
He has a sweet face...kind eyes...wagging tail.
His name is Oakley.

The folks at the shelter love him...
they say he is sweet, tolerant and gets along well with others. 

But, his time is up.
They keep dogs for only two months.
After that....well, it is too sad to imagine.

Happily, today he is still alive and en route to Pennsylvania.
He has a second chance....for a new life.
I cannot wait to meet this fellow.

He will be fostered by Dave and Tonda...kind "angels" who repeatedly take in lost souls
and rehabilitate them through love and kindness.
If he proves to be farm worthy.....he will be our newest family member.
I am praying that he will.
Safe travels, dear Oakley....you'll soon have a home!

If you are considering adding a dog to your family,
I implore you....look into adopting a rescue dog.
Shelters are bulging at the seams.

If you are local to Central Pa, please consider donating online to the 
They are in the midst of raising funds for building a new shelter
to house more animals.
Unlike many shelters in many states, though, they are a "no kill" shelter.
Won't you please be an "angel"....help a dog in need.



  1. He's precious. I hope he'll be farm worthy for you.

  2. Positive vibes for this lovely looking boy. I hope Oakley comes and joins your happy family and we get to read his stories, and see his photos. Whats more I can not imagine a far better home for him than at Bee Haven Acres.

  3. He WILL be farm worthy. I just know it. Just look at that blurry little tail!


  4. That is so sweet of you Bev! We need more precious people like you!

    Bless you and Oakley! Have fun with him!...can't wait for more adventures..he he!


  5. Oakly is one lucky dog..I read that for some reason black dogs are the last to be adopted...give me a black dog any day ! Good for you!

  6. You are doing a wonderful thing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you hoping he'll be farm worthy. He looks so sweet.

  7. How exciting, I'm sure Oakley will be a good dog, look at that face. My Jazi is a rescue dog. I tend to call her my pound puppy. Her first year was a learning year since she was 2 years old and had aquired a few bad habits. But they learn so fast who feeds and loves them. Go Oakley!!!

  8. He's a cutie and look at his tail just a wagging! Oakley will think he has died and gone to heaven to be on your farm with all the people and animals. I love his four white socks! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of photos of him.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  9. What a sweet little guy, sure hope it works out for you. What will happen to him if he cant't be at the farm?

  10. On behalf of my rescue, "Ruger" ... thank you!

  11. Oh Bev, he is adorable. It hurts me when animals are put down. If only I had the room. I wish that more individuals would open up their homes to rescue dogs and save them.

  12. The good thing about this rescue is....if Oakley does not work as a farm dog, another home will be found for him. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  13. That little tail of his says it all. Thank you so much for giving him a second chance at life. I just know he will fit in perfectly at Bee Haven Acres!

  14. Yay! Hope he fits in nicely. If not, I know some goldens I can hook you up with!!!!

  15. hugz to you & Oakley...what a great match.
    Rescues are the best! Just ask Meri & Evan....

  16. I hope it works out for all of you..if some parent was telling a poor chid that their dog was having fun running around on a farm, in this case, they ended up telling the truth


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