Friday, March 5, 2010

My Work Crew

I can never complain about a lack of available help for the farm chores.  It seems that most mornings I have more help than I need!  Finally, the snow has melted in the dry lot and the sawdust is once again visible.  This makes manure clean up so much easier (it's the little things that excite me!!).  Invariably, though, when I drive the gator into the dry lot, I am surrounded by critters.  It kind of makes it hard to drive....but I do love the company.  Everyone is always so curious about the gator.....
Two littles, two kitties....lots of help.

Nothing is safe from Ollie's curious mouth.  
He is so much like a toddler....everything goes into his mouth.

Here's "Gator Bobby" overseeing the morning activities....

I love the fact that I can trust the dogs around all of the farm animals.  Even the chickens have no fear.  Everyone just peacefully co-exists.  How I wish humanity would take a lesson from the critters!



  1. Chores are so much more fun when you have company... I like the company you keep. :-)

  2. You are right...if we would all take clues from our animals the world would be a better place.

  3. It's great to be loved!

  4. wouldn't that be perfect??? I'm sure they eagerly await your arrival every morning

  5. Rightfully so.... they must think it is another critter...:D

  6. We call our chickens "the inspectors" because they come around every job and make sure it's done to their standards. Dirt moving, arranging straw, mostly anything requires their official inspection.

  7. They are all always so sweet!


  8. So true Bev. about humanity taking lessons from the critters.

  9. Took me awhile to catch up- I'm still laughing about the rod Stewart picture!!!
    I agree with your observation!!

  10. Our dog loves our chooks, and even the cat comes over to say hi when I feed them and get their eggs. It is so great when as you say the animals get on so well. I agree we humans should take a leaf out of loved animals books.

  11. Love the picture of Red biting the gator. Reminds of the cell phone commercial where the mini is ripping apart the dog house. LOL!
    Heather in PA


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