Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm Dreaming......

Of a White Christmas!!!
Today was a beautiful snowy day here in the country.
Our farm has been transformed into a winter wonderland.....
the front yard...
the woods....
the guest cottage....
the house.....
Oh how I love snow....especially for Christmas!
Although this particular snow will not last until Christmas....
perhaps we will get some more around that time.....we hope!


  1. Isn't it pretty! It snowed here's a wonderland. I took many pictures to add to my flickr album so Thomas can enjoy it from a distance...I added a snow update photo to my latest blog post.

    I think a lot of us got snow yesterday and today...many are blogging about it. :0)

    Now if we can get it to show up on Christmas!!

    Have a warm cozy evening,

  2. So beautiful. Wishing you a very snowy Merry Christmas.

  3. We have it here too, up in NW PA. It was beautiful to watch coming down, like nestling in a blanket :) I probably won't feel quite that cozy come February, but I'll enjoy the feeling while it lasts!

    Beautiful home, BTW! Mary Ann

  4. Bev everything looks so pretty at your place. We had snow here yesterday, but not as much as you got. It was fun while it lasted and it did get us in a Christmas mood.

  5. perfect snow....nothing on the roads..nothing to shovel...just pretty to look at...beautiful

  6. Oh it's just gorgeous, Bev! We had a few flurries here (SW Pennsylvania) but nothing stuck.

  7. Hi Bev, it looks amazing! So magical... unreal almost. Pictures like yours are the only thing that makes me wish for a wintery Christmas, its a hot 37 C here and we have had a weekend in the pool, fun, but not as pretty as snow on the farm for sure...


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