Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Some of you have read my blog from almost the beginning.....a few years ago. And some of you have joined the fun along the way. Quite often I get questions about Becky and "who" she is. Becky is Hubbs' younger sister. Becky, or Dr. Becky as I sometimes refer to her, is an equine and small animal veterinarian/surgeon. She is the kindest vet I have ever known and has a deep and true love for animals.
She previously had a practice in Reno, Nevada. About three years ago, though, she decided it was time to head home to Pennsylvania to be closer to her family. She bought several acres adjacent to our farm, built her log home, and started a mobile vet practice.
Our farm is a joint, cooperative effort. We each have our own barns for our horses, but the goats live in pastures that lie between our two barns. We share the work load. And we are blessed that Becky is here to provide vet care for all of the animals. Together, we have laughed and cried.... she is like the sister that I never had.
I thank you all for your kind words of condolence in our loss of Mojo....and I will pass them on to is a sorrow that we share. I am sure it is even harder for her to bear as she has the tough job of relieving our beloved animals' suffering when the time comes.


  1. very sweet post..I'm glad that you have each other..especially at a time like you both had yesterday..I'm sure you were a great deal of support for each other

  2. Bless you both, I know it is so hard to put a beloved pet down.


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