Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

Arctic air has hit Bee Haven Acres. It is frigid and windy here. Each morning we awaken to a new dusting of snow...a dusting that doesn't melt. All of the animals except the goats and horses stay inside their shelters most of the day (including us humans).

The barn kitties burn off their excess energy by wrestling.
Normally their days are spent out and about the farm and woods....exploring and hunting.
This week, however, they are sticking close to their warming lamps....rolling around and "fighting" with each other to pass the hours.
How else would two little boys spend their time?
You might notice that Ella Bella is not involved in this type of play.
She spends her days lazing under her own heat lamp.....hissing a "stay away" warning when one of the boys gets too close. "Boys will be boys", she says as she lazily grooms herself with her rough kitty tongue.


  1. I can completely relate to your cats. Not that I wrestle with anybody, :-) but staying indoors where its warm and not so windy and cold. My girls on the other hand have been coming up with things like fencing with large pencils and such...

  2. looks like TomTom has the upper hand ...or paw


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