Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

This has been the coldest December that I can remember. Our Decembers are usually temperate...and snow for Christmas is often a long shot. However, it looks like the snow on the ground will still be around for the holidays.

The snow on the ground makes grazing a bit difficult, so we are into our heavy hay usage season.
Each morning the Bigs head out to the pasture, with flakes of hay spread around the old pine tree in the center.
The littles spend some time munching and playing in the dry lot.
Around noon the Bigs and the Littles switch places and the wild times begin. As soon as the littles hit the pasture they take off running....and they run and run through the snow.

All of the horses seem to enjoy the white stuff, and seem undaunted by the frigid weather. They all have grown long, wooly coats.
As long as they have fuel for their furnaces (hay for their bellies), they munch and stay very warm.

The cats, on the other hand, are a whole different story. They spend short times out of the barn to supervise and then return to bask in the warmth of their heat lamps.
Amazingly, the goats and chickens seem to be unaffected by the cold and continue on their usual routines.

As for us humans....we survive by wearing lots of layers. And, when the work is done, we return to the warmth of a roaring fire and cups of hot tea or cocoa. I actually prefer the cold of winter to the heat of summer.


  1. Bbrrr! Chilly all right. I love seeing all your horses (Big and Little) all rugged up, I have never seen such warm, cosy coats! I think that layers would not be quite enough for me though, the cats would be having to share that heat lamp for sure...
    Stay warm :)

  2. after the last 24hrs most, if not all of the snow should be we can start all over again..Dec can't seem to make up it's mind..The kitties have it made

  3. You can tell your animals are very happy and contended and very well taken care of. Is that TomTom under the heat lamp? He looks very pleased with himself. It has been cold here too but today is surprising in the low 50s! I just love your stories about your farm. Here in SE PA I finished my Christmas shopping today. Now to get it all wrapped this week. Then sugar cookie baking over the weekend, then do the wash Monday and pack Tuesday to drive back to Ohio Christmas week to see family. That's why we don't have a dog because we travel all the time. Maybe one of these days when we slow down and stay home more.
    Have a wonderful day Bev!!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. Your descriptions of cold weather are very refreshing to someone coming into what will be a very hot Australia summer! I love the cat! Is that red the natural colour of the light?


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