Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What To Do About Rod!

Well, the routine with Rod Stewart has been the same each day. Every morning, as the sun rises....
I open the door to the fancy chickens' coop so that they can spend the day in their yard. As the door opens, they all rush out, with the exception of Rod Stewart (who is waiting to exit out the back of the coop). Rod spends his days running around the barn taunting Hank (who, if they were together would be beating up on Rod). (Mental picture: Rod Stewart with the personality of PeeWee Herman being beat up by George Clooney with the voice of Hank Williams and the physicality of Jean-Claude Van Damme....not a pretty picture, is it?) Hank, on the other hand, spends his day keeping his hens in line and trying his best to procreate as often as possible. This, of course, makes Rod all the more frustrated (you must understand that roosters have one and only one thing on their mind....and Rod has no hens to himself, now).
At the end of the day, when all of the chickens are roosting, we snatch Rod from his perch on the horse water trough and place him back in the house with the rest of the fancies. Our fear is that if he is left outside he may become prey to an owl during the night. However, once placed inside the house, Hank immediately pounces on Rod and the beatings commence. Rod usually flies up to a higher roost and safety for the night.

Yesterday morning, however, when I opened up the henhouse, I could see no Rod in his usual roosting place (on top of the nesting boxes). I looked and I Rod. Then I looked up...way up to the ceiling of the henhouse, where the heat lamp is hung.
There was Rod, safely roosting as far away from Hank as he could get.
(Ok, if this isn't the cutest picture ever!)

After all the hens had exited the henhouse, Rod flew back down to the ground, only to have Hank pounce on him once again. So, I quickly opened the back door, and Rod scooted out to safety.

My problem is this: I now have more roosters than I have henhouses. And although Murray McMurry claims that 25 hens can handle 2 roosters......they obviously didn't clear it with the roosters first!! I think I will make one of my extra stalls in the barn Rod's new nighttime home. We'll see how that goes......I'll let you know.

PS....Yes, I carry my camera in my pocket at all times!


  1. Poor Rod... How Hank could pick on somebody so adorable... Hopefully you'll be able to find a solution and offer Rod some peace at night.

  2. what a great picture!! Poor Rod.I'm guessing that the heat lamp shield doesn't get too hot?? Maybe Hank is jealous of how handsome Rod is..

  3. Oh my, what a cute bird! Have you tried having a firm talk with the two birds and let them know that Mc Murray say's you are to get along... NO fighting! HA! worth a try.... I find it very comforting that other people have such a great time with their animals. I sometimes think I'm a bit off.... In the morning or evening when I am doing my chores I talk to them and take pictures of them as well. I am thankful no one is home and I have no close neighbors. Or I'd be in a home or on medications.. Well enjoy your critters and your day...

  4. Poor Rod, I think Hank is being a poop, not sharing as well as pickin' on poor Rod.
    "Can't we all just get along"lol!
    Maybe it's time for the "girls" to team up & let Hank know they won't put up with his antics....

  5. Oh my goodness poor Rod has a hard life with Hank. that is the cutest picture ever. I think his look says save me!!

    I would love to have a farm like yours but since I can't I come here and get my farm fix all the time. Thanks for always sharing great stories!!


  6. Poor Rod, I sure hope he adapts to his new night home! Hes a cutie! Blessings,Karen

  7. Normal boy stuff! Rod is an especially beautiful guy, hard to resist--I can see why Hank is jealous!

  8. Rod Stewart has the perfect name and wonderful, crazy hairdo! I am happy to have meandered to your blog.

  9. Oh, poor Rod. I had a White-Crested Black Polish roo named Pip who kept getting beat up by my other rooster (a Silver Laced Wyandotte), Roopert. Then the girls all turned on him (Pip did *not* have a nice way with the girls) and he was so ostracized, I feared for his safety. I finally was able to rehome him to a farm that had recently lost their rooster and he got 11 of his own girls. Hang in there, Rod!


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