Thursday, November 12, 2009

MoJo Found His MOJO!

Happily, I can report that our little MoJo has bred with Sissy. Was it successful?....only time will tell. I thought at first that our stealthy little fellow viewed mating as a "covert op", but today he was caught in the act several times. Sissy is "in season" so she is a very willing partner. They spent the better part of the day in courting rituals, chasing each other around....going "steady" as we used to call it.

Oh, how I hate to break it to Sissy, that as soon as O'Malley is "in",
Sissy will be yesterday's news.
For now, I won't burst her bubble!

Do you remember little Kramer from last Spring's kids?
Here is a picture of him then......
and now.....Becky had the opportunity to snap a picture of him this week as she was at his new home doing a veterinary visit. Wow, has he grown up!!


JudiB said...

Good Morning Bev,
The goats are sure amusing to watch. Hope to see some wonderful spring photos showing the results.
Our weather is the same and we are enjoying it so much I hate it to end. What a treat.
Still trying to find the embroidery file I was telling you about..I need to spend more time in "The Room" outside!!

Judi B.

Kelly or Alex said...

Hi Bev,
I notice that your goats have horns. Everywhere we have read tells us to disbud. Have you had any problems with the horns goreing anyone? I have never seen Nubians with horns. I hate to even learn to disbud. We have two girls with horns. They came that way. Edward our wether is Nubian and no horns. He was disbudded at the farm he came from. They made him a wether too. I would have changed that. He would have made a beautiful buck. Darn! Thanks for the info. Your goats are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

MoJo is very handsome..can't wait to see the kids..

Katmom said...

OMG! Kramer is such the cutie pie!
fyi...Meri & Evan now have 5 goats....I posted a pic on my blog...heeheehee...if they keep this up, there will be NO Room @ the Inn for a 2 legged baby! lololol!

Sheryl-lyn said...

I am sure Mojo's sexcapades will bring forth future mojettes!! He is cute. They are all so cute.


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