Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm A Believer!

Well, who would have guessed that after months of therapy, daily massages, yoga classes and a whole foods diet, that our hens would finally begin to lay again. Yes, we are finally getting 20+ eggs a day from our thirty old layers.
I am guessing that it was the therapy that finally got the gals back in the groove....or was it that talk that I had with know the one....where I just happened to mention chicken stew. Unfortunately, though, in order to pay off our enormous therapy bill (we submitted the bill to our health insurance, but they rejected it!) we will have to start charging $25.99 per dozen eggs. Well, perhaps we will have to market them as "stress-free" chicken eggs!
Seriously though, what I have learned is this: chickens do stop laying when they moult...and it takes a bit of a while for them to get back in the groove. Coincidentally, though, they stopped laying right after we had a neighbor's dog attack and kill several of their friends. We had blamed post traumatic stress disorder for their lack of laying. So, the mystery still remains....was it the moult, or PTSD. Gosh, with what we paid in therapy bills, I sure hope it wasn't just the moult!

Whatever the cause, I am just glad to see these girls hard at work again!! Keep it up girls, you have to make up for quite a deficit!


  1. Yeah, you have your own eggs again! I'm so envious, I wish we had our own...

  2. Those eggs look yum! I can't believe they are laying so many, yay for the old chooks! They look very happy too, so the therapy was a winner I reckon.
    I love all the 'tails' shots by the way, so cute :)

  3. Guess I better get the therapy started on my girls too!! I actually had to buy a dozen eggs!!

  4. Glad, the hens are laying eggs again.

  5. Yay!!! Golden Eggs

  6. Chicken Therapy?!?!?! HAHAHA the poor dears! That dog things is vicious. I would be to scared to do anything either. Funny how in the cartoons they lay eggs when they ARE scared or stressed.

  7. just found your wonderful blog! the laying post is too cute. i'm off to read more....

  8. PTSD!!! That's their story and they're sticking to it...hehe

  9. Too funny with the chicken therapy. Who knew the girls could get so stressed and not lay eggs. The eggs look great. With all the work $25.95 is a bargain for a dozen of those eggs. Maybe there will be some therapy benefits for those who eat them. Stress-reducing eggs. LOL



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