Thursday, November 5, 2009

Babies On Board!!

Happy news for Bee Haven Acres: Missy and Myrtle are pregnant!

You might remember a post from about two months ago, when we led our bucks, kicking and screaming, down to the yard closer to the gals. Here is Smoochie in an act of protest.

We put Chip and Missy together, and Myrtle with Smoochie. Smoochie was quite the gentleman and kindly got to a rather gentle fashion.

Chip, on the other hand was a bit rough with Missy
and she appeared to not care too much for him.

As a result, we weren't sure that Missy had actually been bred.

Becky and I did an ultrasound pregnancy check on both does yesterday. Becky handled the technical aspect. I kept the goats quiet with the ever-popular Ritz crackers (the all-time goat favorite) and recorded the event by camera. Becky shaved a spot on their abdomen, applied the KY and moved the Ultrasound wand around.....and found.......

Myrtle is pregnant with triplets.
Here is a picture of one of her can see its head and spinal cord (looks like a tail).

Good job, Myrtle!!! Missy was next....shave, KY....a quick look around revealed......

twins!! (yes, I just looks like a blob)

Way to go girls (and guys, too)!

Next it is time to mate O'Malley and Sissy with our little MoJo....sure hope he's up for the task. So far he has shown no interest in girls. I suppose he is at that "girls are yucky" stage of adolescence. Keep your fingers crossed.....time will tell.


  1. Too cool!! How long is their gestation?? One would think that babies are born in the spring..Winter.Brrr.Congratulations grandma

  2. is so it normal to have so many? Twins and triplets? Great post, I always learn something here!

  3. Holy Cow! or should I say Holy! that's a lot of "goatee baby shower gifts!" lolol!
    Congrats to the Proud Parents...
    So when is the Due Date? Spring?

  4. Wow~this is amazing!! My first animal ultrasound. Hope everything turns out ok for them.




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