Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weeding the Strawberry Patch.....With Help

It is time to get the strawberries ready to tuck in for the Winter. By the time the temperatures dip into the 20's I will need to have the strawberry patch weeded and all of the plants covered with a blanket of straw.

Seeing my presence in the help comes running....down the lane....
....and in through the garden gate.
....a little stop to rub against the Trug Tub (gardening essential!!)...
.....stopping for a little scratch.....oooooo, yea, right there, that's it!.....
Now down to business....nothing like the shade of a shovel for a little nap.
Ok, TomTom...let go of my camera strap.
Believe it or not, we actually did get a little weeding done!


  1. Glad you posted about this. It was a reminder I still need to do the same.
    Guess we'll be going to the feed store for some straw this weekend...

  2. TomTom is such a sweetie!!! reminds me so much of my boogster!!! Hope everything went well w/ the weeding, and if you need any help this weekend, i'll be around!!

  3. must take you a long time to get anything done with that kind of help

  4. When we do anything outside we have help from so many criters. I can't imagine doing anything without at least 2 cats and a couple of sheep. LOL

  5. モバゲーを使って恋人を探そう!大人気のモバゲーならゲームを知らなくてもすぐに恋人ができちゃうんです


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