Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Not Chicken!

Here are a couple of the new chicks...teenagers now, fully feathered and ready to start venturing out of the warmth of the nursery. I have started opening their front door each morning giving them access to their yard. A few of them have boldly been trying out their wings and picking around in the grass. However, most are still too timid to venture very far from the only home they have ever known. With a little time, they will all venture out. Timidness is not a chicken trait. They may be called chickens, but they rarely are "chicken!"


  1. They are so sweet, it must be so enjoyable watching them grow and begin exploring!

  2. Chickens are so fun to watch.. enjoy them...

  3. I love your chickens. I would love some. Maybe someday. Right now I will live vicariously through your blog.


  4. Chickens are just about the most fun critter you can have. Their actions are so comical. They are not expensive to keep....and they repay you with delectable eggs...yummy!!! I wish I could send you some eggs through my blog, too!!


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