Thursday, October 8, 2009

House Tour

I had a request for more pictures of the old log cabin by the road....and especially for indoor photos. This log cabin is over 200 years old and was inhabited until sometime in the 1960's. It is quite rustic and drafty.It sits on top of an underground spring. That spring served as drinking water for the settlers that lived here. Having their water supply beneath their house was a safety there were also Indians that lived in this area and several historical accounts of local massecres. It was much safer to drop a bucket through a hole in the floor to obtain drinking water that it would have been to venture out to get water from the nearby stream. This spring water fills the basement and trickles out beneath the door on the side....underneath the driveway and down to our pond. We keep the cabin padlocked for security reasons.Isn't the old paint wonderful?Let's go inside.....I can't imagine actually living here. But it is a wonderful structure. The floors are slanted, the ceilings are low and the inside walls are the opposite side of the outside....logs and chinking. Layers of old paint on the ceiling....Old glass in the windows.....rippled and bubbled. Interior walls still have remants of old wallpaper and old newspapers hang between the wallpapers as insulation.

Let's go upstairs to the second floor.Two bedrooms are on the second floor.
The door to the attic.....Another tiny stairway to the attic....A wonderful old piece of (treadle) sewing advertisement hangs on the back of the attic door....Heading back down the stairs....notice how low the ceiling is and how narrow the stairway. This cabin was built at a time when people were much smaller than today.A few years ago we met a woman who actually inhabited this house years ago. She and her son had rented it from the farmer that owned the land. We are quite fortunate to have this piece of history right here on our property. I imagine it is one of the oldest structures in the county.


  1. We have a place here in Huntsville called "Burritt on the mountain" and they have log cabins from all over. It is a beautiful place (one of our favorites to visit) and your cabin looks like it would fit in there perfectly. You are very lucky to own a piece of history like that.

  2. So interesting, thanks for the tour. Pat

  3. I had no idea that all that was in there..very interesting...and in pretty good condition at that

  4. What a beutifal building. You are so lucky. Though I should be grateful that such a structure doesn't exist on my property, 'cause there is no doubt I would try to live in it. I wouldn't want it to be feel unwanted.

    Yes, I have issues.


  5. Well, if it makes you feel any better, Lisa....there is no indoor plumbing in the cabin. Pretty rustic.....and very drafty. Don't worry, it IS critters. We find nuts all over the place inside.

  6. Well finally!! I have often wondered what it was like on the inside. So glad you gave us a tour!!!
    Watch the mail- a pkg heads your way on Monday!!!:)

  7. Bev~I love everything about it. Opening a shop would be wonderful idea. Maybe you could rent space and do some special functions. Once you passed the word around I think it would be pretty busy. I can just picture it~without your decorating skill it would be worthy to be in a magazine.


  8. That is just so cool! I love all the photos and you are just so lucky to own such a piece of history! Amazing!

  9. thanks for posting the photos and giving us a guided tour. I had always wondered what it looked like it the cabin when I went to read your blog. Now I know. Thanks again. I enjoy your blog. I don't always comment but I do enjoy reading your stories... enjoyable..

  10. I am stunned. It is incredible. How wonderful to have it on your place!


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