Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cat Tales

It has always been my impression that cats are at least mildy afraid of water...or perhaps just averse to it. That doesn't seem to be the case with TomTom or Bobby. Both of them are always right there with their faces in the buckets as we are filling them to run water to the chickens in the morning.
There are water bowls for the cats on the workbench in the barn right next to their food. For some reason, though, they prefer to get their drinks from the horses' buckets.

It seems that Bobby likes a challenge. I found him walking the Bigs' water trough like a tight rope.
Not nervous at all about the volume of water that he was reaching down towards.....
He stretched even farther......still just a little beyond his reach. Well, there has to be some place for a really thirsty cat to get a drink! How about the Littles' water? Much better....much easier to reach. It's good to have at least two feet on the ground! Who needs feet on the ground?Meanwhile in the barn....TomTom had found the Littles' indoor water bucket. Such thirsty kitties!


  1. I have found that water can't be too fresh or too cold for cats..(cold might not be too good for their tummies) they even drink out of spigots..cute pics

  2. Your cats are just too cute. Every time you post about them I show my son your wonderful pictures. He loves cats. We can't have any because I am so allergic to them.


  3. Cats are at home everywhere. My cat Abby likes me to run the faucet so she can get a drink. Spoiled girl. I just love them all.


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