Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Buck Tales

I took a bit of time to stand and just watch the bucks when I fed them yesterday afternoon. Our bucks include Chip and his two sons, Smoochie and Yo Skip.
The smallest of the bucks is MoJo, who we acquired this summer (he was born at the end of last winter). Each buck has his own house and his own bowl. However ownership changes constantly....squatters' rights. Each afternoon, as I fill their bowls with pellets, MoJo follows me and eats a little bit from each bowl. Then, instead of settling in on one bowl, he goes from goat to goat and annoys them while they eat. Eventually, each of the bucks abandons his bowl and MoJo finishes whatever is left.

"Excuse me." says Smoochie, "that's my bowl." "Hey, Mojo, that's my bowl!""I said, that's MY bowl!" repeated Smoochie....this time with a show of force. Uh, oh, this is what happens when a little guy gets in the middle of the big guys....goat down!
Don't worry, no one was hurt. These boys spend a lot of time competing for dominance. They often rear up and slam each other's horns and chase each other around....all in good fun! Deep down they all love each other....as evidenced by how they lament when one of them is removed for mating purposes. They act as though they've lost their best friend. And when the absent one returns....well, it's right back to butting heads and tussling with each other.


  1. The eyes on those bucks are amazing, what a great blue color. I bet they get pretty "ripe" during mating season, though...

  2. They sure look ominous with their winter coats..remember when they were little and cute..now they are big and stinky..still fun


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