Thursday, October 15, 2009


I had to add a quick note to today's already published post. Here it is October is cold and rainy (quite wintry) outside and the prediction is for SNOW!! I can hardly believe it, but it seems that Winter is in the mood to give us a preview. So, in keeping with the climate change.....I fired up the newly built fireplace (which thankfully is working, because it has all sorts of weird catalytic converter parts to it....none of which do I adequately understand). All that matters to me is WARM and crackles and is taking the chill out of the air. Wherever you are....I hope you are warm and cozy too. to make some hot tea.


  1. It has been cold here in California. We had rain for 2 days, but now the temperature is back up in the 80's. If we get snow, it is on the nearby mountains, and we only get a small glimpse of the snow covered mountains for only a few hours.

  2. Gorgeous fireplace. We have our wood stove working to keep us warm too. It is cold and rainy today and we may get some SNOW mixed in too.

    Enjoy your fire and tea.


  3. Hi Bev,
    Great fireplace, love the mantel. Your going to enjoy decorating for every season. Keep warm..your right it sure does look like we are going to have an early winter..brrrr!!!

    Judi B.

  4. Your fireplace is gorgeous and the decorations are beautiful! Looks very inviting.

  5. BEAUTIFUL! Warm, cozy and welcoming! Ahhhhhh Autumn...Winter?
    Bev, it is 90 here today! 2 days ago it was cool and raining!

    Love ya!

  6. I just love the fireplace all decked out for Halloween. It does make a house warm and cozy.

  7. Oh Bev, it's so warm and cozy and beautiful...SNOW...Yikes!!! All I'm hearing here is that we are in for a cold winter.


  8. UUUUUUUMMMMMMM....we barely get Fall and winter is a LOOOOOONNG ways away!
    It's warm here,alright- in the upper 80's and more. They say we're gonna get a wisp of cool air though!
    Your fireplace looks cozy-


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