Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All Alone.....Finally

Yesterday was perhaps the first Monday that I did not publish a blog post since my vacation in early July. The reason for this was lack of time. I spent the day being "gopher" for our electrician. A trip to Lowes and a trip to our local hardware store took most all of my available time. I am not complaining....because yesterday marked the end of all construction. The electrician had stopped by to do the lighting in the screen porch and the decks.
Lamp posts on all of the decks will add to the night time ambiance.
Here is the pool deck....complete. I will have to paint the gates on each side of the deck. And, next spring I will put planters in each of the planter boxes at the far corners of the deck.
Today is the first day with no construction workers on the property in almost a year. What a year it has been. Now it is time to get back to living....daily routines without all of the extra "stuff" to do. I anticipate it will be a bit quiet around here...and that may take some getting used to. But, after all this time......I'm ready!


  1. Congrats! The pool sure is beautiful.I love that deck furniture.The lights look great.Enjoy you day!Jennifer

  2. Everything looks so beautiful and inviting. You'll have to post pictures when the planters are done and in bloom...

  3. looks great..take the time to enjoy it..it's a beauty..see you soon

  4. Thank you, well, it has been quite a productive day. I even got out the tractor and moved some dirt around...seeded the one last piece of ground that needed grass. Woo HOooooo....now I have to iron.

  5. I just Love it! Now you will have time to sit and enjoy the view in peace and quiet

  6. How wonderful!!!!!
    Everything looks just perfect!!! Now go enjoy the fruit of your labor!!!!!

  7. It's a beautiful place, Beverly....I know it's a good feeling to have it all behind you. :0)

    Have a nice evening,


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