Friday, August 14, 2009

There's Always Next Year!

Those four words have become my garden mantra. Each time I enter my vegetable garden I am overcome with the urge to just incinerate it. As I have called it before, it is my "Garden of Weedin".....with weeds outnumbering vegetables 100 to 1. Still, we have been able to harvest our dinner each night. And now I have enough tomatoes to make a pot of spaghetti sauce to can and save for those cold winter months.

As for pictures of the garden....forget it! I am way too embarassed by the appearance. Your imagination will have to do...and believe me you'd better have a wild imagination to be able to visualize this garden out of countrol!
What does give me joy, however, are the beautiful morning glories that have grown on my garden fence...yes, I did plant those.
My zinnia bed has afforded me fresh cut flowers for weeks now. And the marigolds add a lovely colorful border to the knee-high carpet of weeds.
Still, in all, it is hard to get too depressed when I look beyond the weeds to the the sunflowers turn their smiling faces towards the sun. If they can live amongst all these weeds and still smile, then, so can I.
As for the rest....well, there's always next year!


  1. I'm not sure if your weeds can be worse than mine. And NO, I'm not sending photos either. We'll just have to believe there could be someone else out there, and be ok with it.

  2. I sure understand this !! We lost most everything due to a drought- but Im trying again . We have another full growing season here in the south. We won't have a frost till maybe mid-late Dec.
    We'll see how that goes!
    Meanwhile- enjoy those sunflowers,morning glories and marigolds-Ive planted all those along the border of the chicken pen!
    Great minds think alike,eh?

  3. Don't be embarrassed about your weeds. You should see my garden, and I am sure many others are like that too!

  4. Right on! All of life has a 'few weeds in it', I say let them live! Ha!


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