Thursday, August 27, 2009

Peppermint Soccer

There is a new game gaining in popularity on farms across America. That game is Peppermint Soccer. Here on Bee Haven Acres we have one of the country's premier players.....Tom Tom, the Omnipresent! He plays every fact, he is a one cat dynamo. Each morning when I arrive at the barn, I am greeted along the driveway by Tom Tom. He races into the barn and up onto the workbench....begging for his breakfast. Once that is consumed, he is off on an adventure. This morning's adventure was Peppermint Soccer. Amazingly, this game kept him occupied for at least a half hour....more that enough time for me to snap a few action pictures.
He may look as if he is lying around...but believe me, this was a raucous game...and he was not still for more than a second. This picture was caught as he was rolling on the ground and batting the peppermint all over the floor.
Ah! Finally caught the elusive peppermint soccer ball..... Wait, he throws the ball back onto the field and once again it's in play.....
Score!!! He takes it down the field and into the goal...right under the trash can.Don't worry, Tom Tom.....there are lots more soccer balls where that one came from. And apparently, Tom Tom knows how to get one out of there! Just please save some for the horses. It's their favorite treat.
Yum......King Leo peppermints are the best! And they make perfect little soccer balls!


  1. such a happy him

  2. I had no idea pets including horses liked sweets! I guess they are not much different from us, huh? You would make a great commentator!

  3. I'm sitting here with my son and we are enjoying this wonderful game of soccer with Tom Tom.



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