Friday, August 28, 2009

A Package Arrives

The stork has visited Bee Haven Acres again this morning, by way of the post office. I was up before 5 and showered in anticipation of an early call from the Post Office. And, I wasn't disappointed. The call came at 5:40. Into the truck I hopped and headed into town.

The Postmaster met me at the door with a big box of peeping chicks.

Into the truck went the box and back home for an introduction to their new home.
I carefully lifted each chick out of the box (32 in all), showed it its water, gave it some breakfast (hardboiled egg) and placed it in the warming hut.

You might notice that this little gal has no feathers around her neck or face. There are two of this variety....on is dark colored and this one is light. I am assuming that these two are my "surprise" chicks. (You might remember that Elvis was a "surprise" in last year's chicks.) It will be fun to watch this little gal grow up and see what the end result is. Happily, all of the chicks survived the trip quite well...and none seem to be in jeopardy at this time. We will keep our fingers crossed for the next couple of days....and pray that they all adjust to their new life without incident.


  1. Just like our kids they grow up way to How cute are they.
    We had a raccoon hit the last ones we had. Devestating because we had become so fond of them. Decided to call it quits..By the way the raccoon did not make another killing..EVER!!
    Have fun, I do envy you.
    Judi B.

  2. congratulations you mother hen you...

  3. Oh my gosh how cute are they. I love coming to visit you always a little education on farm life from this city gal. I wish you well with these little gals hopefully they all enjoy your new loving home.

  4. They are so cute... sure wish I could have some chickens here...

  5. I'll be interested in watching the different chick grow and see what she turns out to be. Love your blog...found you through Maryjanes!

  6. You really make me want some baby chicks!!!!!! HMMMM-gotta think about it a lil bit!

  7. The fun begins again! I will always love baby chicks and their little fuzz!! Mine are two weeks old already!!

  8. Didn't see a place to post on the u tube, but that is just the cutest, I felt like I was right there! What a couple of cuties!


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