Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Call

So much of farm life is ritual. There are certain chores that are done every day and every evening....without exception. No matter what the weather, the chores must be done. After all, there are little lives that depend upon us to meet their needs. And those needs are not subject to weather.

Today's late afternoon feeding time was completed just in time. Just as I climbed back into the gator and headed to the house, the heavens opened up and treated us to yet another torrential downpour. When I got into the house, I grabbed my camera and went out on our deck to snap a picture. Rains like this used to be a rare occurrence....this summer they happen just about every day!

Nine o'clock is "tuck in" time here at the farm. By this time, the chickens have returned to their hen houses and are safely roosting for the night. Our four remaining guineas (from 2 years ago) have returned to the big pine tree by the barn to roost for the night. They fly about half way up into the tree to sleep.The Bigs (Moonbeam and Donnie) are back from their limited time in the pasture (fat horses are on a bit of a diet). The Littles are tucked safely in their stall with full hay feeders and fresh water for the night. They spend the earlier portion of the night munching and then nestle themselves into their bedding for sleep. Most nights, when I check on them, Ollie is lying on his side with all legs stretched out in front of him....dead asleep. I rarely ever see Red stretched out, but I know that during the night sometime he does, because each morning this is how he greets me....totally covered in bedding.

Just before retiring for the night, the Nigerian goats spend a bit of time on their roofs. I think they watch the sun set, and being on their roof gives them a better vantage point.

As the sun was setting, I snapped a picture of Ella Bella (barn kittie #2) as she sat on top of the grape arbor. What a difference a flash makes. Here is Ella without a flash...And with a flash....she turns into one scarey cat!

Last call is the most peaceful time of the whole day. All of the animals are quietly tucked into their houses. The chores are finished. And now I have time to myself. As usual, though, I head to bed shortly thereafter. Tomorrow is another day....and the chores start all over again.


  1. Now that is raining 'cats and dogs'...great shot! Glad to hear you were out of that! Love the 'winding down' at the farm.

  2. Last Call is a lovely time of day isn't it?
    I love your name for it too!
    Glad your hubby was with you for the week... sounds like my idea of a vacation!


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