Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fly Masks, Dinner and Other Woeful Tales

Fly Mask Woes

If there is one piece of horse gear that is absolutely essential in the summertime, it is a fly mask! Without one, a horse suffers constant attack on his eyes and face. If you have ever set out to find fly masks for mini horses, you will agree that this is not the easiest task. There is not a great selection for these precious tiny horses. My good friend Ann bought me a mask that was intended for minis but as you can see, although purple and quite lovely, it is better suited for our pony Donnie Brascoe....
After an internet search, I was able to locate fly masks in several different mini sizes. I chose a small for Red....
And an extra small for Ollie.But, after placing Ollie's on him, he froze in his tracks and telepathically sent me a message in his high pitched, micro-mini voice. "Help, I'm blind...I cannot see...why did you cover up my eyes?" On top of that, he started walking into the fence and gate. On closer inspection, I realized that this was his visibility:
Thank goodness I had ordered a second small (for Ollie to grow into). It seems the small ones are made from a lighter mesh with greater visibility. Unfortunately, this mask looks like an oversized pair of granny panties on his head. Oh well, at least it keeps the flies out of his eyes. Hopefully he will grow into it.

Dinner Woes

I have mentioned before that the Bigs are on a diet. Their grazing time is drastically reduced for now, as the grass is still very lush and green. They get their grain and two flakes of hay each per day...and believe me when dinner time comes around, they are quite persistent. If I don't get their hay as soon as I walk into the barn, Moonbeam is pounding on the door with his hoof. Once fed, they are quite content again. I have solved the problem of Red stealing Ollie's food. The Littles now eat on opposite sides of the fence...still together, but separate. This works great. When Red finishes his chow, he works on mowing down the grass behind the barn until Ollie is finished and they once again resume grazing in the pasture.

Other Woes

Did I mention my gator has a flat tire? Yes, I am now attending to chores on my pink cruiser (bike)....carrying eggs in a basket on the handlebars and water jugs in the back fender basket. Thankfully, a repair is in short order! Unbelievably, my truck has a flat tire too! Such is life at a construction site...too many nails around!

Saddest of all.....Amelia Airheart has flown the coop...gone AWOL...MIA. We worried that this might happen. I had even clipped her primary wing feathers to keep her from roaming. I guess the call of the wild was just too strong for her.

The Upside

"Tom Tom loves me" she says, as he gazes adoringly into her eyes.


  1. thank goodness for TomTom..sounds like you need a warm fuzzy...

  2. I was just writing about fly masks last nite. It is ia never ending battle. Your little ones are so sweet. I can not wait to get my hands on the ones we are getting this fall.
    Can't live without the Gator..hope the tire gets fixed soon.
    Keep cool!!

    Judi B.

  3. one thing you get across very well in your blog is how much you love your animals. You care for them and protect them and I have no doubt that Tom Tom speaks for the rest of your brood when he looks at you with love.

  4. I really enjoy your blog about your farm life and your animals. I can't imagine all the work it must take to care for them daily. I bet the Bigs and Littles like their fly masks. I was out watering today and the flies were biting my legs. I was reading your earlier posts and laughed when I saw the chicken picture and then one in the rain. That was so funny. Thanks for sharing your interesting and most (I think) rewarding life with us.

    Teacup Lady (Sandy) PS - I live in SE PA.

  5. Thank you for stopping by...and thanks for the kind words.


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