Monday, August 24, 2009

Elvis is Singing a New Song

Here's Elvis, out with his gals and he's singing a new song! "It's now or never......" he croons. Elvis is as concerned as I am about our hens' dwindling egg production. Ever since that dog attack several weeks ago, production has been way down. We are lucky if we even get a half dozen eggs a day. And we have 30 hens. So, gals, it's now or never.....or you all may become chicken soup!

Actually, I have 30 more brown egg layers on order. These new hatchlings are scheduled to arrive this week. I have a spare henhouse to start these new chicks, but once they are ready to lay, will be moved to the present hens' house. So, our hens have 20 weeks to get back in gear, or they might have to become soup chickens. Until that time, they will continue to have the wonderful life that they presently enjoy.


  1. I love to visit your blog always puts a smile on my face. Love your humour. This brings back memories when I was a kid my grandmother had chickens and I alsways a city girl used to have to go get the eggs there was one hen who would bite me all the time. Not sure if we had her for dinner but that was also an vivd experience of a hen running around with her head off. Oh my sure got an education every summer. We did always have fun though.

  2. Hey Bev,

    I obviously missed your post about the dog attack...I'm assuming it got some hens??

    They are suffering from the trauma more than likely...another example but a lot more severe....after Hurricane Katrina spread her fury on hens never laid another egg. I left the area 6 months later...They were totally traumatized from the storm.

    There were production chicken houses all over the hurricane stricken area that watched their egg production come to a halt and many never recover. So I guess this plainly tells us that chickens DO have emotions contrary to what some will say. That storm terrified them.

    Hugs, Steph

  3. I missed it too- surely not one of your dogs,Bev!
    My hens have slowed down a bit but are still laying. I put a small box fan in the henhouse to give them some relief during this hot humid weather. Seems to have helped a bit-
    I get 4-6 eggs a day and have 6 hens and Jake!!
    Finally no setter-she gave up I guess! :)


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