Friday, August 21, 2009

Blue Eyes

Have you ever seen such beautiful blue eyes before?
Although this picture is a bit out of focus...I wanted you to see just how wonderful Red's eyes are. Our neighbors suggested that he has the eyes of a carousel horse. Ollies eyes are blue, but not nearly as big as Red's eyes.

The Littles have settled into a routine and are wonderful additions to the farm. They are inseparable, while still retaining a close attachment to us, their human parents. I cannot imagine life without them. They are totally comfortable around the dogs, and the dogs are comfortable with them, too. Although I keep them in a fenced pasture when I am not with them; they roam freely when I am around and have no desire to run away. They are two gentle souls who are quite content with their lives. I just love them!


JudiB said... just plain sweet is that. Love the picture. Now we have our little guys we also can not imagine them not being here. There is nothing like the mini's other than the Clyde's(lol)

Judi..who wants the storms to STOP!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the carousel comparison..a little spooky the goats


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