Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Bad Hair Day

Yesterday evening was crazy busy...bringing in the hay before more rain came. We were able to harvest another 200 bales of beautiful grass hay from our field. The weather has been so rainy this summer, that making hay has been "touch and go". The hay that we harvested is still a bit heavy, but with adequate spacing and fans throughout the barn, we should be able to finish drying it inside. We had the same dilemma earlier this summer and were able to finish drying our beautiful hay indoors....just not enough dry sunny days in a row this year!

This morning we awoke to a grey, rainy day. The Littles were able to go out to graze for a couple of hours before a storm and torrential downpour hit...Then, back to their stall to munch on some of that luscious hay we just harvested.
What struck us particularly funny this morning was one of our "Phyllis" chickens (we have five of this type and they all look the same, so they all share the name "Phyllis"). On a good day, Phyllis looks like this....
However, because of the rain, Phyllis looked like this today....
I think she should have stayed in bed!! Oh well, nothing a blow-dryer can't fix.


  1. guess we can't be beautiful all the time..too funny

  2. Bummer of a bad hair day, I would funny. I too have had great hay this year and the rain has also been a factor, as a matter of fact it is cut but trying to dry on the ground as we speak. I love reading about your farm.

  3. Love the updates. Yep, it is certainly a bad hair day for Philly.

  4. That picture of a bad hair day is many times do we know we look that bad. This season has been wicked on the hair do!!lol I am sure there are days I have been wet more than dry.
    Just had a dandy storm again tonite..ugh!

    Judi B.

  5. Shes still a cutie,Is she a Sultan?We have some and the black and white polish.The hair dos are growing crazy.Mine do not like the rain and go right in there barn first sign of it.Some of our larger chickens don't have the sense to go inside in the rain and stand up straight in it.LOL

    The Little's sure are adorable!Hugs,Jen

  6. I can relate to Phyllis too!


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