Sunday, July 26, 2009

Return to Normalcy

Today was the first day in as long as we can remember that we actually had some free time. With the moving behind us, we have once again returned to normal living. I am cooking good meals again (and not quick ones at all hours of the night). We are organized. And, I even had time to pick blueberries and make a large batch of blueberry lime jam for winter. After afternoon farm chores were completed, we took a little time to just sit and enjoy the animals. Here is Jack with Maddie and Ollie.....Nose to nose.....
It never ceases to amaze me how different species can coexist so comfortably together. Usually, there is a cat (TomTom) in this mix, too. However, two minutes before this picture was taken, Maddie had the pleasure of chasing TomTom back to the barn.

We also spent a little time preparing for the arrival of 30 new guineas early Monday morning. Their house is ready to go, complete with food, water, and warming hut.


  1. what a hoot to see lil O.T. next to Maddie!
    Glad you & Jack got to take some time to relax & enjoy.....
    My Blueberries are nearly done,,,what little is left the birds are snacking on....oh well....

  2. Oh guineas! That is so exciting. We are getting 30 Aug 8th. I can't wait. Do you have rocks in the water? what a great area to keep them in. I bought the book "Gardening with Guineas" and it was very interesting. It will be good to watch how you raise your brood.


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