Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Few More Finishing Touches....

Work is slow this week...with emphasis on sanding and finishing the walnut flooring. However, a few more finishing touches have been added.

A hearth for the basement woodstove (still in need of grouting)My Pantry screen door (without screen)

It is all of the decorative touches that get me excited for completion. Having a pantry will be a luxury that I have only dreamed addition to having enough kitchen cabinet space to make cooking and baking much more efficient.


  1. This is my favorite detail so far- but truly I just love everything you guys are doing!!!!
    I think you'll need a room with my name on it- I need to come see this place for myself!!!!
    You're nearly there girl- hang on for the finishing!!!!

  2. Oh a pantry. I am so envious Bev. Only in my dreams will I ever have one, but desperately need one. Lucky you!


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