Sunday, May 10, 2009


We have tried to create special places to visit around the farm. One of this year's new additions is the sunset bench. Located on the northwest corner of our land, we placed a bench at the edge of the woods, cleared a path to it and lined it with tanbark and planted hostas along the way. This bench overlooks a field of oats and the rolling hills of our valley. In the distance is the white farmhouse of our closest neighbor in that direction. Tonight we took the dogs and went to watch the sun set. Every evening the bird songs start to wane as the sun reaches the horizon. Tonight we were treated to the sound of the wind in the trees. Sitting there watching the day come to a close, I realized that in all the world there was not a better place to be...amazing peace flowed through me. I imagine myself spending the rest of my days with endings just like this one. What a satisfying life we have in the country. The sun reaches the horizon. Jack and Sadie share a moment. Even Maddie watches reverently.


  1. Lovely photos. Thanks for posting them. Most of my summer nights are spent the same way with my husband,dog, and a few cats. We are blessed! Dawn

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Bev.

    It really is a great spot to end the day. :0)


  3. Beautiful..the pictures and your words!

  4. Oh Bev,how lucky you are to have a "Sunset Bench"... I have one out in what is left (that didn't get distroyed from the snow) of my lavender....but with these horrible winds, I won't be able to use mine for awhile! can I come to your place & enjoy yours?

  5. Bev-
    We are deep in the woods so I miss the real sunset- but we spend the last light of the day around the pond, fishing or not, and listen to the quietness of night as it falls on us- it never lasts long enough for me- I want to freeze time right there!!!
    Thanks for sharing your evening!!!


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