Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Favorite Garden Tool

I thought I would share my favorite tool with those of you who enjoy gardening. Everyone knows that keeping a garden relatively weed-free is no small undertaking. This year, though, I have found the best tool for getting rid of weeds....easily! It is amazingly simple and very inexpensive.
It is nothing more than a handle with this metal blade on the end. As you push and pull this metal blade through your soil around your plants, it cuts off any weed seedlings about a half inch below the surface of the ground....thereby eliminating them before they ever take hold. A little bit of labor and a whole lot of weeds are sent to their demise!

So simple....yet so effective. I highly recommend this simple tool!!

1 comment:

Katmom said...

We call those a "Dutch Hoe" and they are harder than gold to find up here! You are so lucky.


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