Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Any task is easier with a little help...except, perhaps, if that help is our barn kitty, TomTom. Yesterday, while trying to finish assembling beehive frames, TomTom insisted on getting a bit of affection...no matter what it took! He jumped into my lap and tried with his most adorable look to steal all of my attention. When that didn't work, he decided that perhaps biting and clawing me would gain him what he needed. I quickly extracted him from my lap and gave him a toss into a pile of hay.
Ok, maybe we should just play with the trash....


  1. HI there, Cute photos. I have a tom cat that does the same thing. He follows me around with the awful meowing until I settle down and then he jumps on me and all he is wanting is attention. Mine is very persistant. Right now he is laying on the back of the sofa purring loudly and looking sweet as pie! Happy to be near me I guess.....? Have a super day! Dawn

  2. Adorable. I have a pair of sweet kitties that love to help me also. Takes a lot longer to get things done with this type of help!!!


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