Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Growing Season

Growth....it is a thing that happens....to just about everything. It always seems like there are ways to speed it up, but never ways to slow it down. Sometimes growth happens when we look away and sometimes right before our eyes.

This past weekend, we were quite busy celebrating the growth of two of our kids (not goats this time). The twins both graduated from college this past weekend.... one from Penn State, one from Messiah College. Now our home nest is empty...all four kids have graduated over the past four years.

While we were gone, travelling from college to college, everything at the farm continued to grow. Our little chicks have tripled in size in one week. We have suffered no more mortalities...the remaining 26 seem to be thriving quite well. Here are just a few of them...the rest went running off to opposite corners of the henhouse...they are not very sociable.
Something else that grows quite insidiously is grass!! I never seem to finish the mowing around the farm. Yesterday I spent several hours mowing several fields and today I will spend several more finishing up. By the time the weekend arrives, it will all need to be done again!

If I had supernatural powers I would slow down the growth of things like children and grass and goats. And I would speed up the growth of the chicks and the gardens and the trees that we planted. But since I don't posess these powers, I will be content to watch each thing grow in its' own time. As the song says..... To every thing, turn, turn, turn......there is a season, turn, turn, turn.......and a time to every purpose under Heaven.


  1. i wish i could slow down time too :-) kids do grow WAY too fast!!

  2. congratulations to the kids. Great job.

    The farm looks great.


  3. You must be proud parents! Something to be very proud of! Congratulations to the graduates! Mj


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