Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finishing Touches

Although we are not quite finished with construction, I am working on a few of the finishing touches that will be added to the house when complete. Jack had suggested that we have signs on the outside of the garage directing guests to the proper door. So I made these two signs for each side of the garage. The sign on right will point guests toward the front door and the rest of us will use the garage entrance, where we will remove dirty work clothes and shoes.

The cupola is finished and ready to be mounted on the garage roof....


  1. what a neat idea for the signs! And you did a great job on them. LOVE that cupola!!! I bet you are so excited about your new home...!!

  2. Love the cupola!!!
    The signs are a must!!!!!
    I want to do a pole with signs pointing in all directions to the spots most loved out here- but alas- no time right now!!!
    Yours are very cool!!!

  3. It's all looking great....I want to know what all you've planted in the gardens??


  4. I luv the cupola,,,the Hive is sooo cute.

  5. It is looking great!!

    I love the cupola.

    Sorry to hear about your duck.

  6. great signs...good does one know whether he is a guest or a farmhand?? I guess by the amount of dirt on your clothes?? Love the cupola


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