Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Construction Update

Our construction crew has been busy putting the finishing touches to the inside of our house. They are working hard to get us ready to move in...with an emphasis on the inside of the house for now. Once we can inhabit the inside, they will move outside and finish all of the deck work.
We had a whole house fan installed in the loft to help cool the house down on summer evenings...thereby lowering the need for air conditioning. We found a company on the internet who makes wooden covers for air returns, heat ducts, etc. out of wood. Here are a few of the covers in the loft.....much better than metal or plastic!
Most of the trim is finished. Here is a portion of one of our guest rooms. Closet doors and pocket doors are on back order...they will be pine to match the rest of the house....and will arrive mid-June.
The tile-layers have been busy, too. Here is a four foot section of ceramic tile that was laid across the front of the great room. This tile will provide thermal mass in the winter....heated by the morning sun. From this tile back throughout the rest of the great room, dining room, kitchen and guest room will be walnut hardwood (which is being laid this week).
Matching tile is laid on the hearth as well. The rest of the fireplace will be stone. The fireplace doors are wrought iron and will be installed when the stone work is finished.


  1. Hey Bev- I know you'll be relieved when tis is all over. It is tiring in a funny kind of way- takes a while to recover from the duration of the whole project. It is looking so good!!!

  2. It is starting to look wonderful. I'm sure you are excited that it may soon be completed.


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