Monday, April 27, 2009

Well Surprise

A few weeks ago I posted about the well drilling experience. Our previous well had sulfur as well as the 3 geothermal wells that were dug. Believe me, there is nothing less appetizing than making a cup of tea with water that smells like rotten eggs, not to mention taking a shower in it. In order to find fresh water, we drilled about 200 yards down the driveway from the house. Unfortunately, that well also smelled of sulfur. A water test revealed that we have a small amount of sulfur in this well...much less than the other wells, however. So, we have decided to use this new well and have added an aeration system that will bubble the sulfur gas right out of the water. Since this well now supplies our little guest house, I can tell you...the aeration system works. Our water has no smell...thank goodness! Incidentally, after our last rain shower, our well driller noticed that we also have an artesian well in this same site. Apparently, there is an underground stream fairly close to the surface that bubbled up around the outside of the well. In order to prevent a constant puddle, he diverted this artesian well through a pipe that drains down the hill and into our pond.
I had no idea that the quest for drinking water would be frought with so many trials (I forgot to tell you about the severed phone line and a few other mis-haps along the way.)


  1. I am so glad you've found better water! We had hard water from a well for a few years and it literally ruined everything!!!
    Our clothes,the appliances and it stank!!!!

  2. Hey Bev,

    I'm glad the water adventure is over at last. :0) And that the new system was tried out in the guest house first..LOL Sulphur is a smell you NEVER seem to forget once exposed to it..Yuck!

    Have a grand week,

  3. congratulations...another hurdle cleared..wells can really complicate things..a necesary evil

  4. Sure does make you appreciate a simple thing like water!


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