Monday, April 20, 2009

New Wheels and Farm Help

Saturday was delivery day for our new gator. Up to this point, we have shared a gator with Mike and Becky. However, now that we will be on the farm full-time, we have need for a second gator. We have found this to be the essential farm work horse. It is the perfect piece of equipment for any job, with its' handy dump bed. Before an hour was up, I had loaded it full of manure and put it to work.

Yes, it came complete with a pink John Deere hat!

Addendum: A special thanks to our friend Kelley for volunteering for farm duty on Sunday morning. Kelley and her hubby Donny showed up right after dawn to "dig in" to morning chores.

Here is Kelley and Jack. Kelley is Jack's secretary. It did not take her long to become a real farm girl.....feeding goats, cleaning chicken houses, mucking pastures.....
The help was greatly appreciated.


  1. ok, Gary is drooling over your "gator" but said you can keep the pink JD cap...he'll stick with his "Cat" hat. lol!

  2. so cool :)

    loving our little baby JD buck too :)

    those rtvs sure come in use


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