Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Moving Day

Late Saturday night while the bees slept (do they ever actually sleep?), Jack and I duct taped their hive bodies, bottom boards and lids together. We then loaded each beehive on the gator and moved it to the new bear-proof yard. Four out of five hives moved with barely any excitement. The first hive, however was "buzzin" mad and spent the rest of the move showing their aggressive side. Jack ended up with a sting on his neck (his veil was too close to skin) and I got a sting on my ankle (I will never work bees without boots on again!). We were both quite relieved to have that job finished.
By Sunday morning, however, the bees had settled down and were back to business as usual in their new neighborhood.


  1. I hope they apreciate all the trouble you've gone to and produce lots of yummy honey for you

  2. Wow! Bev~you have been very busy. Everything looks great. The house is really coming along.

    I'm sure you're excited.

    I love the pink hat. It's what every farmgirl needs.


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