Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back to Basics... My Thoughts

Life at the farm hums on...the perpetual cycle continues. Each and every day I am privileged and thankful to be a part of that. Before sunrise I awaken to the song of the resident cardinals and as dawn creeps through the wood, listen as the rest of the avian chorus takes up the melody. There is comfort in those familiar being greeted each morning by an old friend.

As I move through the day's chores that take me to different areas of the farm, I enjoy visits with the same old friends....the blue heron that frequents our pond in search of fish, the bluebirds that have made their home in our pasture, the tree swallow that sings on my garden fence, and so many more. They watch as I work, offering their song and I try to reciprocate with a cheerful whistle.
Farm work is hard work...physically challenging. Farm work is also mentally liberating. There is a satisfaction in knowing that each and every task, though simple, is of great value. The fruits of our labor is the food on our table and a good life for the animals in our pastures. Because we have gone back to basics, we can understand cause and effect. This has increased our awareness of the precious balance that has to be maintained in order to keep our world healthy. My wish is that each and every one of you could spend a little time getting back in touch with the land and the basics of living.
As the songs of the birds are replaced by the nightime calls of the Peepers (tree frogs), my body is exhausted, but my heart is full and happy. I close my eyes knowing that the cycle of life continues and I have enjoyed being a part of it with all of my senses. I long for nothing more than this. I am a very fortunate gal in a very beautiful world.


  1. and this beautiful world is only made more beautiful for having you in it

  2. Hello Bev,

    I consider myself very fortunate that being born as a city girl that I was led to discover the rural way of living. The desire for dairy goats led me there...I wanted to milk them and then take that milk and turn it into fresh cheese, butter and soap. What an adventure life has been due to living life on both sides of the coin.

    I wish every person could have the same really changes your perspective towards so many things in this beautiful planet of ours.

    I'm heading to the mountains this Thursday! I'll blog after I arrive.

    See you then!

  3. I agree with each of your sentiments. What a great and honest life!


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