Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Ultimate Recycling Project

Here on the farm, we are committed to recycling as much as we possibly can. We compost whatever kitchen scraps we have (that the chickens won't eat). We compost our manure and leaves. We try to find a use for everything.

This winter we had several wind storms that took down some old pine trees. Jack has spent weeks chain-sawing fallen trees to provide firewood to heat our house. Even the tree tops and pine needles get used, as these are tasty treats for the goats. The goats get a supplement of pine branches daily. Those pine needles become manure, or "goat berries" as we call them, which then becomes fertilizer for house plants. So you see, nothing goes to waste.


  1. That's fantastic! You really no how to live waste free!

  2. Hey Bev,
    I actually used pine straw as mulch on the first 3 rows of my lavender, I am curiouse to see what if any effect the pine needles will have on my lavender...
    I was wondering, can I use the pine needles/straw as mulch around my blueberry plants?

  3. Yes, Grace, actually pine needles are great around the blueberries as they supply a bit of acidity which is what blueberries thrive in!! We use pine needles around our blueberries....of course, then, the chickens get into it and throw it all around!

  4. I did not know that the goats ate pine needles.

  5. I did not know that they ate that either! How wonderful that something else is useful and reusable!!


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