Sunday, March 8, 2009

Construction....Slow But Sure

Here are a few pictures of the interior....The walls are framed, and now the plumber and electrician are finishing the roughed in wiring and plumbing. Once that is complete, there is an inspection by the codes office and then the walls are finished. Our interior walls will be a combination of tongue and groove that matches the log walls and a few drywall walls here and there for color.

This is a view from the kitchen through the dining room into the study and finally the master bedroom.

Here is the view looking up from the great room into the loft area. There is a bedroom roughed-in in the upper left corner. The upper right room(unseen) will serve as my sewing room and a guest room when needed.

Bottom left is dining room and to the right of that the study.

So much is left to do inside the house.

Outside, the work continues....trimming the windows, and installing the soffit and fascia and gutters on the overhangs. After the grading is done, then the decks will be started.


  1. It really is lovely. I know you cannot wait until the fun stuff of decorating!

  2. looking good!!!

  3. Good things come to those who'll all be done before you know it. It's looking great!

  4. Oh gosh, it's really coming on now, isn't it? I've just started speaking to builders for our little barn. It will be a studio at one end with a couple of stables and a birthing stall at the other! I'm just a tad excited :)

    Kim x

  5. Hurray - you are coming along - it even looks like a house! I"ll bet your are super excited!


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