Saturday, March 28, 2009

Construction Update

Things are moving along....seemingly slowly, but, yet each week the house ends up looking a little more like we have envisioned it. This week the well was dug....unfortunately, they had to dig about 200 yards away from the house to find water that did not smell like sulphur. We plan to have it tested in the next week. Hopefully it is potable.
The siding crew started the log siding on the garage....making the whole house look more complete!Here is the back side of the garage....notice how the logs on the house have darkened with time. Eventually, all of the logs and siding will be stained much darker.

This week, they completed the stairway at the back of the us access to a rather large amount of attic space above the garage and kitchen areas. Or, someday, perhaps a bonus room....maybe a man cave? Hubbs did mention that a lounge chair would fit quite nicely in that space!


  1. I think we can blame Home and Garden TV for the man cave idea!!! At least you won't have to look at a recliner!!!
    Your home is really taking shape now. Hope the water is ok.

  2. The house is coming along so beautifully!! Before you know it, you will be sitting in the finished house just sewing and cooking away!!

  3. Moving right along nicely. What a beautiful place you have. Hope you have a great week. Blessings,Karen


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