Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet Elvis

Introducing.........ELVIS!!! And you thought he was gone forever. Elvis is our one and only Rooster. For the past several months we have assumed that Elvis was a she and that she was just an exceptional hen. That was until she crowed.....and very quickly she became he and he became ELVIS!!


  1. Oh how funny! Elvis is a great name too.
    Harriet (the doxie) has one tooth that hangs out of her mouth on one side and we often call her "Elvis" too!!!

  2. That is so funny. I wonder if the hens suspected?

  3. WOO!HOO! Elvis !
    He and Jake(our tiny rooster) would get along great!!!
    The hens boss Jake around a bit-he's just too small to be intimidating.:)

  4. Hi, just wanted to let you know I found your hen house video thru the Farmgirl Connection on MaryJane's Farm site.... and recognized Elvis! LOL
    Thanks for sharing the video and the idea for the doors on the henhouse for manure composting ease.
    I'm in So. Colorado and have 10 acres to discover and use. So far only one horse... no Out Buildings... and I've enjoyed and gotten much useful info from your blog. So thank you for sharing.
    photo blog:


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