Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amazon Chicken Mystery Solved!

You might remember a posting a few weeks ago about the chicken in the center of this picture. "She" is one of our new hens that we started about 3 months ago from newly hatched chicks. As these ladies grew we couldn't help but notice that one of the gals was "special". She has grown head and shoulders above her sisters and has a much more pronounced comb and waddle.

This morning the mystery of why she is so much large has been solved. She is a he....we now have a rooster. This is quite unexpected as we have been a rooster-free farm up to this point (at least that is what we thought). It looks like from now on we will be arising to the sound of "Cock--a-doodle-doooooo!"


Mildred said...

How funny! Guess you can throw out the clock radio, huh?!

K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

Oh too funny.. I guess maybe you are now going to have lots of babies this summer maybe?

Katmom said...

hahaha! guess someone forgot to read "Chicken Gender 101" lol!

Anonymous said...

what a surprise.a little trick of nature..could be a good're up with the chickens anyhow..maybe now you will be self sustaining in this area as well


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