Monday, January 26, 2009

Feeling Just Ducky

Is this a face that only a mother could love? Did my ducks mingle with a turkey?? Actually this duck is a Muscovy duck. He is one of three that were given to us by a friend. I should say he is one of three remaining Muscovies....a few perished at the hands of predators.

Muscovy ducks are originally a tropical breed of duck from South America, Central America, Mexico and as far north as Texas. They adapt well to colder climates, however. Unlike Mallard ducks, the Muscovy do not form breeding pairs, but rather mate "willy-nilly" with whomever they we have well witnessed. We have one poor Muscovy female (middle duck in picture)...and she is never lacking attention. They will mate on land or in the even our pond offers no refuge for her. I suppose this spring we will find duck eggs in the vicinity of the pond. It would be so much fun to watch a family of ducklings grow....if only predators weren't such a big concern.


  1. It would be wonderful if ducklings would come from these. Predators are a problem here as well. Blessings,Kathleen

  2. I love the ducks - I have heard of Muscovy's, my brother was into ducks while in 4-h many moons ago. I love baby ducklings and hope to see some pictures of your babies this spring.

    P.S. The painting is 75% complete - I only have a few closets and the master bedroom to do....hubby has more!


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