Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Amazon Chicken

You might remember that we started a new batch of just hatched Rhode Island Red chicks a few months ago. Well, finally these gals have grown big enough to be introduced to our other older chickens. The newbies were moved into the henhouse about a week and a half ago and all seems to be going fine. The strange thing that we have noticed is this......

Look closely at this picture of our youger gals and note the chicken in the center of the picture. She is the same age and breed as the rest of the chickens around her, but she stands head and shoulders over them and has a fully developed comb and wattle.

We have dubbed her our Amazon chicken...because we have no idea why she is so well developed!

Any ideas?

Oh and for those of you who follow our blind chicken "Helen".....here is the latest picture of Helen and the Maude Squad. The three of them are happy as can be in their luxury house. I hate to tell them that at some point this house is going to be home to a few Bourbon Red Turkeys.


  1. Your Maude Squad is too adorable. That is definitely an Amazonian chicken. Hope someone knows why. She's lovely though.

  2. Hello Bev -
    I'm posting a slideshow of our house building endeavor today - hope you have a chance to check it out....you inspired me to get this done - I've been contemplating it for about six months now.....I’m glad to see the Maude Squad on patrol – and excited about the new Turkeys…we used to raise them when I was young and Rhode Island Reds also – what good memories….I think you might have a hermaphrodite on your hands – or a covert rooster!

  3. Thanks for dropping by - I'm still working on loading the slideshow - I have it in flikr but can't get it to show on my blog - sigh - I'll let you know when I have success! Now you know why it is taking me 10 years to finish an afghan - I'm challenged!

  4. I got it posted - drop back by and check out the Flickr - it's best to go to the slideshow if you click on the flickr site - they are then in kind of order. Look forward to watching your house progress!

  5. Oh, look at them! So happy...I see there's still plenty of room for me. :0) One old bat in waiting...LOL Can you tell it's 3am? Oh yeah, and the hens nor I will live with any turkey's...ROFL

    With that I'll say night or good morning...whichever fits.:0)



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