Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A New Addition

Meet TomTom. He is our new barn kitty who has come to keep Ella company since the passing of her Charlie Cat.
TomTom is seen here coming down from the hayloft to investigate Maddie, our Newfie. Not caught on camera was his obvious aversion to large black dogs. Claws were unfurled and he let out a big-boy "Hiss" and showed his needle-sharp teeth. Maddie will think twice before messing with TomTom!

He is a very sweet kittie and is the brother to my sister-in-law, Doctor Becky's female kitty, Tony.
Welcome get busy and catch those little mousies!


  1. Welcome Tom Tom....oh and cut Maddie some slack, she is a big snuggly teddy bear--great friend to snuggle with on cold!

  2. Tom Tom will come to love Maddie..more importantly, what does Ella think of him?? He's a cutie pie

  3. ooh, he's a cutie. what a great addition to the family!


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