Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time for a Paradigm Shift...We Are What We Eat!!

Ordinarily all of my posts are fun farm stories.....and I have so many more to share. Today, however, I would like to share a little more than just fun. There is a growing movement in this country aimed at changing the way we eat and the way we do our agriculture. We have become a country that is over-run with fast food chains. We are overweight, under-nourished, and generally unhealthy. We spend billions of dollars each year fighting health problems caused by the foods we eat. Our agriculture has been taken over by agri-business. We no longer grow foods, we grow ingredients (corn and soy) ....ingredients that get added to the chemical soup that we call our "food".

We, at Bee Haven Acres have become passionate about our food. We grow as much of our own as we can....we eat as much food in its' "whole", and natural state as we can. We refrain from the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other toxic chemicals. We strive to eat as "locally" and organically as possible.
Obviously, I feel very passionate about this subject, and could spend way too much time focussing on this problem. Instead, I would like to offer a reading list to those of you whose interest I might have sparked.

Highly Recommended Reading......

The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. This man has taken the time to explore where our food comes from. There is a movement for him to be our next Secretary of Agriculture.....a brilliant idea. This book is a must will change how you look at food forever!

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara family's attempt at eating "local" for a year. It will inspire you to change how you eat and how you shop. This book is chocked full of practical ideas....with good, sound reasoning. She even includes a few recipes.

Kitchen Literacy by Ann Vileisis..... a historical look at how our eating habits have changed over we have lost touch with our food...and how we need to get it back!

Our Country is soon to have a new who feels passionately about making change. Please e-mail Mr. Obama and let him know how important this issue is. His choice for Secretary of Agriculture has a huge impact on our future....remember we are what we eat!
Encourage Mrs. Obama to plant a Victory Garden at the White House. Eleanor Roosevelt did it, and the country followed suit. If families dedicated a little land, time, and effort into planting family gardens, we would all be much healthier. Let's send a message to those who can help us..... join the Slow Foods Movement!


  1. These look like fascinating reads. This is a very thought-provoking post. Enjoy your Saturday.

  2. this was an incredibly well written post... I live on a little island where arable soil is a scarcity, but I still manage to have box gardens and prefer to eat locally grown fruits and veggies any day. Even the corn you can grow yourself is healthier than the genetically-altered-to-avoid-bugs-and-mold-and-grow-enormous variety they grow on giant farms. Thanks for this!I hope more people begin to follow suit.

  3. hey Bev,
    I so agree with you. I have not read any of the 3 books you listed (yet) but will borrow my daughter's copy of the Omnivores Dilemma and will check out Amazon for the other two.
    I am so excited to expand my Victory garden in Spring of 2009 to produce more veggies & fruits to can & or freeze.
    You are also so right about eating way to much processed that I am retired & cook everyday we both have lost weight (no I am not a bad cook! lol!) and we just plain feel better. We use to live on resturant & fast foods when we both worked & lived in the City. Thank gosh I am (now) a Country Girl!

  4. YES! I totally agree- we are just miles behind you in implementing some of these ideas. Our family has never "bought in" to the fast food craze thankfully. Mostly we were limited by a large family and little money so we got real creative and have continued even though the kids are mostly grown now.

    I'm gonna check out the books! Thanks for a nudge!

  5. great ideas- I'll add them to my Christmas wish lists

    thanks (and the house is looking GOOD!)

  6. Wonderful information....the cabin arises at last! YAY!! :0)



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